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Forest Bathing

Soaking In Postive Forest Energies

 Necklace Designs for Forest Bathing

Can be made custom to you


I've been inspired by The Japanese Practice of "Forest Bathing" with many health benefits which are documented for over 40 years.  This does not mean actually bathing.  It means soaking in the experience of the forest & trees in a relaxed way.  These necklaces are inspired by this relaxing de-stressing approach to being in nature.  With each custom design I create a look and feel to enhance this kind of experience.

Image by Steven Kamenar

A deeper understanding of body and your connection to the Earth Intelligence are the new language, your new tools and allies in self discovery.  Enjoy the benefits of Forest Bathing designs.


The Earth intelligence is deep, vast, and needed here to take your next step in life.  Trees and stones may be a perfect reboot after being in front of a computer

for too long.   Nature is like a vitamin.  Get nourished. 


The benefits of Forest Bathing

After years of careful study, Dr. Qing Li has found that spending time in a forest can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and anger; strengthen the immune system; improve cardiovascular and metabolic health; and boost overall well-being.  

“Wherever there are trees, we are healthier and happier,” writes Li. And, he adds, it isn’t about exercising—like hiking or jogging—it’s simply about being in nature.

Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness (Viking, 2018, 320 pages)

Why would this be? It’s long been recognized that humans have a biological need to connect with nature. Some 20 years ago, American biologist E. O. Wilson noted that humans are “hardwired” to connect with the natural world, and that being in nature had a profoundly positive effect on human health.

Forest Bathing Necklaces Are Not Currently Pre-made
But they are now available as a Custom design.

Please contact me if you want a custom Forest Bathing Design
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or click on email icon to email me and we can set up a zoom consult. 

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