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Training Programs Overview

Gemstone Intro Classes

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Gemstone Energy Medicine
(GEM) Practitioner Training


GEM Level 1:  

The Crystal Cave 2022

Learn self-healing using Acu-Gems to address physical, emotional, causal, mental & intuitive levels of healing.  Gain a broad overview and direct experience with what gems can do and the levels of self they can effect.  Learn about therapeutic quality.  Learn updated core theory, latest perspectives and applications of GEM. Learn 14 protocols for Self Healing using 7 different stones.

Learn More About Level One

GEM Level 1 Modules

Module 1:            4 hrs
Frosted Quartz

Module 2:            4 hrs
Light & Dark Green Aventurine

Module 3:            4 hrs
Rose Quartz

Module 4:            4 hrs

Module 5:            4 hrs

Module 6:            4 hrs

Module 7:            4 hrs
Written & Practical Exam

Learn Self Healing With 7 Therapeutic Gems- Guided  Hands On Training & Theory.   Written & Practical Training.  Guided Gem Journeys.


Stones Of

Earth & Water

GEM Level 2 Modules:

Module 1:                3-4 hours
Rhodonite & Rhodochrosite

Module 2:                3-4 hours
Leopardskin Jasper & Unakite

Module 3:                3-4 hours
Lapis Lazuli & Malachite

Module 4:                3-4 hours
Black Onyx & Howlite

Module 5:                3-4 hours
Riverstone & Quartzite

Module 6:                3-4 hours
Poppy Jasper & Tiger Eye

Module 7:                3-4 hours
Agate & Blood Stone

Module 8:                3-4 hours
Mother Of Pearl  & Pearl

Module 9:                3-4 hours
Written & Practical


GEM Level 1: 

2016-02-08 14.00.10.jpg

Learn how to use gems for physical and emotional healing more in depth.   Gain Career Electives to apply directly to what you do.  Broaden your toolkit with 14 more stones and 14+ more protocols.   Become eligible to participate in student clinic.  Get grounded and find emotional foundation with stones of earth & water. 


GEM LVL 3 Modules: 

Module 1:
Ruby & Garnet

Module 2:
Natural Carnelian &Sunstone

Module 3:
Citrine & Yellow Calcite

Module 4:
Emerald & Peridot

Module 5:
Blue Sapphire & Blue Lace Agate

Module 6:
Indigo & Iolite

Module 7:
Amethyst & Charoite

Module 8:
White Beryl & White Onyx

Module 9:
Written & Practical


Color Rays
Of The
Mineral Kingdom

 Discover the powerhouse of life force within gemstone color rays and how color ray relates to the frequencies of the body systems and even how gems can connect you to purpose.  Learn deeper secrets of how to connect to the mineral Kingdom.  Become eligible to participate in Level 3 student clinic.  Upon Completion of Level 3 you may test to become a Certified GEM Practitioner. 

Level 3 Graduates Can Test To Become
GEM Practitioners


Gemstone Energy Medicine
Post-Graduate Training Programs

Enrich Your Knowledge & Up Level Your Practice

TeleGem Practitioner


GEM Therapeutics


GEM Teacher 


TGP Level 1 
TeleGem Training for GEM Practitioners  

The Basics of GEM


Learn how to take your GEM clients online and lead them through self healing under your direction with client Acu-gem packs and Zoom Sessions. 

How to structure payments.  How to have clients upgrade their Acu-Gem Packs to unlock new types of sessions.   How to do basic consult zoom intakes so your client can help guide you to specific protocols for treatment to explore. 


GEM Level 3

GEM  Level 4
Gem Therapeutics 

Go Pro with the GEM Professional 
& Business Immersion Program


Gem Therapeutics is a professional approach to GEM practice that involves the use of  standardized energy medicine formulas and procedures as well as developing your own.  It means building a gemstone pharmacy or creating your own dispensary for therapeutic grade gems. 

It involves a full suite of professional practices: 

-Gem Therapeutics  Session Training
-Professionalism Training
-Business Training Core Subjects
-Business Electives & Add On Resources & Training
-Additional Gem Electives As Continuing Education


GEM Level 3

GEM  Level 5
GEM Teacher Assistant 

Begin the journey to become a GEM Teacher.  Be at your best to teach GEM to others. 

Teacher Assistants get a chance to support the GEM Teacher and begin to feel how the process of facilitation and teaching work on a smaller level before they take on a full GEM class by Itself.  You get a chance to envision how you would teach the class and how to handle teaching situations.   It also includes specific direction and Q &A sessions with the GT to develop readiness for holding the energy and awareness.  The GT will ask you to lead certain exercises and trainings to see how you hold the energy.


GEM Level 4

Teacher Permission

TeleGem 2:

GEM Therapeutics Resources for at-a-Distance Sessions

Take your TeleGEM practice to the Pro level.   Gain best practices for your TeleGEM practice.  Get your forms and tech down to an artform while being expertly organized.  Specialize your TeleGEM. 


Now that you know how to TeleGEM its time to master it and make it unique and valuable to the people you love working with.  

Get all the resources you need for your sessions at your finger tips.  Make sure your client has everything they need to make it simple and easy to say yes and be delighted for their next session. 


TGP Level 1 

Strongly Recommended

GEM Level 4

GEM  Level 6
Certified Junior GEM Teacher 

Begin Supervised Teaching with a senior GT.  Lead your own classes and master the fundamentals. 


Build Your Own Class & Develop your own students.  Have support to back you up as you teach. 


Get insights and tips to try as you develop your Teaching skills and Style of GEM teaching. 

Get Certified as a Junior GEM Teacher.


  Certified Junior GEM Teachers are recognized as having the skills to teach others how to become GEM Practitioners up to Essentia standards.


GEM Level 5

GEM  Level 7
Certified Senior GEM Teacher 

Begin Supervised Teaching of Teachers with a Senior GT.  Lead your own programs for leading your aspiring GEM teachers to greatness. 


Develop your own GEM curricula add-ons.


Get insights and tips to try as you develop your Teaching skills and Style of GEM teaching. 

Get Certified as a Senior GEM Teacher.


  Certified Senior GEM Teachers are recognized as having the skills to teach others how to teach GEM classes up to or exceeding Essentia standards.


GEM Level 6

Therapeutic Necklace Design
Apprenticeship Program

Therapeutic Necklace Design (TND) Levels 1-7
Apprenticeship Program

Train to Become an Essentia Certified Therapeutic Necklace Designer.  

This is by far the most difficult training in all the programs.    Over 90% do not make it to the end. 
To get to the end of these foundational classes means you will be a world class therapeutic necklace designer

There are no times on these trainings they take as long as they take to master each section

It is grueling energetically and technically to do this work and requires a lifestyle of tremendous self care to maintain fitness to stay in this art

This class is not to be entered as a hobby.   This is life long trade type training and may take years or decades to master. 

When you complete the core training you may continue to train, you may also gain opportunities to work with essentia or to start your own Therapeutic Necklace Design Business.  completion of program does not guarantee you a job with essentia on anyone affiliated with essentia.  That being said we do primarily hire from within. 

If you pass the dexterity test & energetic assessment test,  (basically can you handle the skills & energies of this art form) You can begin a trial period of apprenticeship.   Apprenticeship starts with stringer Training and progresses to designer training.  


Apprentice Stringer Training

Level 1: Basic Stringer
Level 2: Intermediate Stringer
Level 3: Advanced Stringer


  • GEM Level 3 

  • Special Application Process

  • Instructor Permission

  • Apprenticeship Agreement

Strongly Recommended: 

  • GEM Level 4

Design Training

Level 4: Design Apprentice
Level 5: Designer's Assistant
Level 6: Junior Designer
Level 7: Senior Designer


  • Stringer Training 1-2

  • GEM Level 3 

  • Special Application Process

  • Instructor Permission

  • Apprenticeship Agreement

Strongly Recommended: 

  • GEM Level 4


In the GEM Training

with Essentia

I learned how to use tiny AcuGems to make whole body shifts so I always have a portable travel kit I can use to support self-healing.  No need for bulky tools to get real support.


During my Therapeutic Necklace Design (TND) Training I feel like I'm learning to make very powerful wearable tools to support wellness.  I've got guidance & insight to avoid pitfalls. I'm becoming capable of making amazing designs.

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