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Spiritual Training

Spiritual Training is one of 12 areas I was trained to work with as a Holistic Health Coach.   As a Holistic Health Coach I see spirituality as one of the 12 areas that truly nourishes you and helps you make positive changes.  Spirituality can feed you in powerful ways that are more nourishing than even the food you eat.   This is why the Institute of Integrative Nutrition calls it one of the 4 main forms of "Primary Food" of the 12 areas.   Reflecting on how nourished you feel by your spirituality can help you make positive changes that reverberate throughout your life.   As your HHC,  I can help you try simple things as you reflect to see what works for you. 

If you want more...    

As a Guide, Spiritual Training can also means mentorship and a proven path to help you go deeper in knowing who you are and unlock hidden potentials and empowerment to enrich and uplift your life.   It's where the deeper callings of your spiritual self can be heard more clearly, illusions can be lessened and the sense of purpose and Joy flourish making your life grounded and spiritual at the same time.   You are invited to begin that journey with me.    I can introduce you to this here or if you want to go deeper into spiritual training you can check out my deeper offerings on     

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