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"Fair Forest Queen" XI

“The forest knows every action of mankind that has touched her.  The Fair Forest Queen understands the pains of man’s past.  The Fair Queen brings healing equilibrium with her sword & law of balance by cutting through illusions to reveal noblest action man can take to align with the true nature of her justice.  In this way she uplifts mankind offering a truer foundation in the world.”  



This "Fair Forest Queen" design Illuminates cycles of cause and effect of humans & nature.  Further helps to make senses aware of how to realign with the Fairness, the Law & and Balance of Nature. Helps Heal past wounds with nature & move into right relationship with nature’s intelligence. Reveals pathways of noble action.


Like all the BOTE collection, It's a form of "nature connection" necklace, to enhance your experience with a boost of nature either at home, or to super charge your experience while out in the wilderness.  Each of these necklaces is an "experience" as well as being beautiful.  The poem above is to help you understand the energetics. 

Colour & Matching Tips for the BOTE Collection:

The BOTE Collection draws inspiration from white mists and green forests.   Pairs well with many looks. 

  • Earthy "Boho Chic"
  • Creates a contrast feel with modern urban looks, Earth & Steel, Earth & Black Etc.
  • High Fashion Looks:  Otherworldly- Fantasy- "Dream Punk" looks for those who look like they walked out of an enchanted forest. 

Essentia calls this look... the pairing of White, Clear & Green "Dream Punk" due to its crystalline otherworldly vibe.  Like a mystical form of steam punk that was born from nature.  Their is a common key stone used in every BOTE collection design called Montana Agate,  at Essentia we like to think of it as "Mountain Mist Agate."  And the BOTE collection is an exploration of the many unique looks and feels that this stone can produce.  Each design in the Beauty Of The Earth Collection is inspired by a specific experience in nature.  Wearable Art inspired by Earth's mists, forces and forest wonders.   Feel free to get a consult on either the energetics or the look to see which necklace in the BOTE collection is best for you.   


"Fair Forest Queen" XI

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