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Water you talking about?

I'm talking about water! And as a Holistic Health Coach I love introducing people to different things to try that have worked well for me and my clients. Nutritionally Being hydrated is important! And its a relatively inexpensive and useful health upgrade with tons of benefits! In my Health Aware 6 month program, I go into more depth. But I am going to share my favorite fun local Austin water resource here. And I am going to tell you why I love it so.

Some people use Berkey Filters in Austin with good results. (I may go into that in another post in more detail in the future with more details on how to do that set up my fav ways.) Others prefer getting bottled water in 3 Gallon or Five Gallon jugs. For those of you who are part of the Jug-Head clan. (Avatar reference... anyone?) ...well I have the thing for you!

I really love SunRay WATERS. Its a small independently owned biz in Austin. Water is all they do! Its a brick and mortar place for just... water!

So why do I love SunRay WATERS?

  1. Quality: Well if I recommend it, I have to love the quality of it first off. so Quality! People like different things. I usually don't like distilled as my favorite water but here the distilled is just really good. Something about the way they process it makes it better than your average distilled.

  2. 4 at once: You can fill up 4 jugs at once!!!! It's awesome. Don't you get frustrated waiting forever for the water to fill up at most places and then only having to go through it all again with another jug? No issue here. Don't make so many trips. Get 4 jugs filled at the same time. Do less driving around and burning gas just to get good water. Get it done.

  3. Full Speed Control: There is not just the boring one speed or two speed options here at Sunray.... no no no. You can actually fully control the speed of water flow and blast that water in there if you want. and then slow it down at the end just how you like it.

  4. Support Local: Its a local small brick and mortar biz that made it through Covid and is still alive! Amazing! Why wouldn't we support that and his contribution to really good quality water and better than average service at a great price? And the main guy is always there and he is super nice!

  5. Options: They have RO, they have Distilled, they even sell the water stands with the spigots there (with the tall stands), and they offer to deliver your jugs also if you want to upgrade to that service and remove that from your driving errands.

  6. Punch Card Goodness: Sometime you just want to know you have got really good water "covered" and your upgraded liquid health benefits are set up. I like to get the 100 gallon punch card. Then you can just go in there and have them take it off your punchcard.

So check out SunRay WATERS if you're in Austin and tell them David Tejeda of Worldbridger Wellness sent you!

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