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No not Karaoke, "Karaage"

Though perhaps even more enjoyable! In the spirit of introducing you to delicious things... I want to introduce you to Chicken Karaage at a place here in Austin, TX called Sugarpine. Get the "set plate" version of the Chicken Karaage. (care- ay- ah- gay) . Its delicious. And it's good quality. Eating quality food makes a difference. Chicken Karaage is basically a Japanese fried chicken but paired with all these balaning flavored things. Its really good. The dipping sauce is delicious too. Food like this makes for a different level of nutrition than a fast food fried chicken and the flavour balancing also can have effects to help balance the body. Also this friend chicken is gluten free for those that might be concerned about that. In Holistic Health Coaching we focus on a concept called "crowding out" rather than "stopping" or "quitting". a bad habit we can get much farther and be far more effective by bringing in something really good so that your body will naturally drop the things that are not as good. Crowd it out with something so good that that the stuff of lesser quality falls away more naturally. Try out Sugarpine and tell em David Tejeda of Worldbridger Wellness recommended them. Enjoy.

At least try the "set plate" version once. The chicken can also be ordered separately with just the dipping sauce (as pictured) if you want lighter fare or less of an expense. But the set plate is more of a full experience and has a number of benefits to round out the meal.

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