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Intelligence of Nature

Updated: Sep 17

The way of creating a Therapeutic Necklace Design requires an understanding...

Every living thing resonates with the deep intelligence in Nature. Every cell has a crystalline structure that hears the signal from Mother Earth. The denizens of the mineral kingdom, the crystals beneath our feet, are the keepers of this signal, this song, that reminds us how to be in harmony, how to grow, and how to find our balance. Billions of years of design intelligence ring out from every crystal that was formed with this signal as a part of how it was formed. We believe in a higher order of alignment with these signals to enhance your life, to transform your health, to reveal your purpose, and to show you more than you ever knew was possible. We invite you on this journey into the intelligence of nature. Hundreds of skeptics have swooned. Jaws have dropped, "I had no idea any of this was possible" is a common piece of feedback. We know you will be amazed.

A big part of having a connected lifestyle is awakening to feeling yourself and the energies of the earth. And Essentia has been a part of helping people begin that process for over 20 years. The wisdom of the earth is helpful just like the wisdom of the spirit. In fact, they are deeply connected.

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