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Bio-Individuality In Nutrition

If you've ever heard the saying that "what is one man's medicine is anothers poison", this is an example of the principle of bio-individuality.

While many things are the same amongst humans many things are not. We have differences which if understood can help us have the best nutrition. And it explains why copying someone else's eating plan may not always work.

We have different blood types and genetics, our ancesters ate different things in certain family lines. We are different ages, and in different times in our lives living in different climates. We have different levels of activity and different states of health or conditions. We are different in how we benefit from food just like we all have different fingerprints. We are not all the same. What brings balance to me may not to someone else and vise-versa. There are some things which are pretty universal, but to say what works for one will always work for all is going too far.

Understanding that we have bio-individuality is a huge factor in becoming successful at healing or getting into the best shape of your life. Getting to know your unique body and what brings balance to it is therefore more effective than what seems like a good idea.

The good news is: There are so many ways to learn to work with your unique body and know what it is telling you! Getting to understand why you have cravings for certain things and getting to see the whole picture of what is nourishing you in life can go a long way toward helping you steer you in the right direction.

A holistic health coach can give you tools and suggestions and insight to help you get to know your unique makeup and see the whole clearly enough that you can find your own balance in health and in your life.

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