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And so it begins... What is Essentia Gems? How does Therapeutic Necklace Design work?

Updated: Oct 25

Thank you for visiting Essentia Gems! We're glad you made it here.

Now that you're here I'm sure you're wondering how it all works. Or if you're in the right place... Here is how I suggest you begin.

First, What is all this?

Just know that this is a place to get something resonant, something beautiful, something unique, something that you can really feel.

  • We believe beauty is important and that the greatest beauty is gained in matching your energy and bringing it out... We believe in bringing out the beauty of the person you are becoming with a custom design made to match you on a level that you can feel.

  • We are known for our custom therapeutic necklace designs... that means it enhances your natural ability to heal, feel and enhance the natural gifts you are here to share with the world.

  • We believe gemstone necklaces should do more than just look good, we create necklaces that make you feel good + enhance your capability too. We're here to help you create something amazing that feels alive and supports you that you will cherish for years to come.

  • We exist at the junction between advanced therapeutic wearables and resonant high-fashion unlike anything else in the world. We connect to the intelligence in nature and in the deeper you and in doing so create benefits that work regardless of belief and surprise people with wonderful results.

  • This is an art form and a new type of fashion inspired from experience + repeatable results in therapeutic necklace designs used in gemstone energy medicine clinics and years of independent R&D for over 20 years. Our designs are worn by game-changers, scientists, coaches, teachers, doctors and professional healers. Beauty or next-level resonant functionality? Why choose when you can have both?

Secondly, How Does It All Work?

Well there are different product areas to explore and familiarize yourself with:


COLLECTIONS- Featured pre-designed necklace lines with a specific theme.

CUSTOM - Designed specifically to match you and support your intention.

We don't have always have prices on our custom lines because we make them each custom to you. Collections may have a price for the universal design and there may be a design up charge if you want to make it more customized to you.

And this is the process to get a necklace...

First step is a no-fee Initial consult.

The 1st consult is no-fee and takes about 60-90 mins we are confident enough in our work that we will make a mock up of your necklace so that you can actually feel, even when you are online on a video chat.

Note: Even if you are ordering a predesigned, we may still have to make it again.

Once your deposit is down you get to enter the queue for construction of the necklace.

  • To get started set up a no fee online design consult video call.

  • Then when you love it, you can put down a deposit (usually half) to get your spot in the necklace queue. No pressure if you don't want it. No fee for consult. Only pay when you decide to buy.

  • A necklace takes between 2-8 weeks to complete and fine tune the design, and imbue it typically. It goes through a pretty extensive process to get it right.

  • Once it's all done you complete payment and we ship it out to you any where in the USA in two business days.

Second Step is 1st Test & 1st Wearing Consult. 30-45mins

  • When you receive the necklace in the mail, don't open it and put it on till we are in the consult. The first time you wear it is when all the effects can be scanned and it is meant to be tested when it is on you for the first time.

  • During this consult we will test it to make sure it works on you and we will capture the customized care and use instructions that are unique to your necklace.

Third Step is Follow Up & 2nd Test after 2 weeks. around 15 mins

  • This checks on your success with care and use and looks at what benefits you have noticed. it helps you orient to having a therapeutic necklace design and just makes sure you know how to care for it and know how to keep the effects working for you long-term.

  • No charge for any of the consults.

Oh yeah and if you have any more questions...

  • Check out our "LEARN" Page (Learn about therapeutic necklace design concepts and crystals & gems)

  • Check out our "FAQ" page

Or to speak with us directly...

  • Chat with us on this website. It's a little purple chat bubble and you can just click on it...

~David Tejeda

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