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Acquire A Deeper Beauty

~The wearer of an Essentia custom design knows that life is deep and rich beyond measure.~

You are here for something more than a necklace.

You are here for a wearable resonant work of art matched not only to you but to a specific set of energies that connect to the earth and assist you in achieving your desire. 

Tropical Leaves


To access these energies there is no cost to have a consult to have a mockup of your necklace designed on the spot while you are present on the call.  

You will not just see but most essentially feel the pattern connect to you.  This is a skill few in the world can do. 


And only if you feel the pattern across the expanse of space and feel moved to purchase it, will you even be given a price. 


If you decide not to purchase you are under no obligation whatsoever.  Life is for the bold and passionately particular and we believe necklaces are meant to be more than trinkets in a box.  Live your extraordinary life.


When you choose to purchase you engage the necklace and designer in the process of creation. 


A non-refundable deposit confirms your engagement and sets in motion a labour of love and world class craftsmanship.  Your design will be honed, refined and tested over many hours and weeks. 


The service of custom therapeutic necklace design ensues: 


Your base pattern becomes a work of resonant art as it’s high-graded, positioned and imbued over a 20 step process to create one of the most unique wearables available in the world today.  


Your phenomenal necklace will be shipped to you in it’s own box and the opening of the box is meant to be scheduled with the designer as a ceremony to prepare you and evaluate it’s one of a kind performance capabilities and unique care & use guidelines. 


During this box opening & first wearing, a powerful experience will occur where you'll receive imprints and a deep knowledge and sensation of the necklace while being guided by the designer to ensure your custom therapeutic wearable is finely tuned and balanced for your use before you are to wear it. 


Received, tested and informed, now the necklace is yours to put to the test: making sure to employ the care and use instructions given to you during the first unboxing when you wore your necklace for the first time under the presence of the designer. 


Your beautiful resonant crystalline wearable is now engaging with its intended purpose for your benefit.  You spend two weeks or more learning its ways.


You are now ready for the final consult. 


Now experienced in the ways of your glistening therapeutic wearable,  you have one last call before you're unleashed to have the final test of its tremendous performance. 


Questions are answered.


Suggestions and further tests are made before your final liberation. 


This allows you to learn how to take its performance to new levels of acuity and ensures its benefits will be as long lasting as possible. 


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